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Biergate Boarding Kennels

Early morning - Your dog will be individually exercised in the paddock where he can either have a good run or just a wander, and then put in to the back run of his kennel where he will enjoy seeing and most probably barking at the other dogs and us walking to and fro whilst the remainder are exercised. The back run of the kennels is security fenced so when your dog is let out of his kennel to go into the paddock, he is completely safe and secure. When he has been into the paddock once from his kennel, from then on, he will automatically run towards the paddocks everytime he comes out of his kennel.

When the kennels have been cleaned which depending on the dog can be from a brush out of the kennel and bedding to a complete wash down and change of bedding, we will put his

food into the kennel and then open the hatch so that he can eat his breakfast and settle down either in his bed or look out onto the fields from the back run. When the work has been completed, we leave the dogs and they settle.


The foods that we supply here are good ones and at least match most dogs home diets. If your dog has a particular dietary need, e.g. for a health condition and needs a specific food, we are happy for that to be brought in for us to give to your dog but respectfully ask please, that if it is a dried food, that it is brought in a sealed container.

Some of our 'paying guests' need medication and again, we are happy to give this. We do not, unfortunately, cater for diabetic pets.  

Pet Care
We believe that consistent care is essential for the dogs to feel secure whilst they stay with us and the daily routine is as follows: